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Abb products overview. EC Low voltage motors are suitable for all industries, all applications — fulfilling all national and international mandatory efficiency regulations.

ABB offers two types of standard induction motors: Process performance and General performance motors. Motors for use in hazardous areas are subject to rigorous safety requirements all over the world. By contrast, efficiency requirements for these motors vary widely between markets: some countries have tough requirements in force but others still do not have mandatory minimum efficiency levels.

All ABB servo motors are designed for durability, and ability to handle harsh environments. High and low inertia models to suit application demands. ABB offers a full range of high voltage induction motors, including rib cooled motors, modular slip-ring motors and modular welded frame motors with different cooling options.

Each motor is individually designed to meet all the requirements of its application. ABB has been manufacturing electric motors for more than years and this experience is built in to every ABB high voltage induction motor. All over the world our synchronous motors deliver high performance in industrial processes, the marine and offshore sectors, utilities, and specialized applications. The DMI DC motor provides higher output performance over a wide speed range and is easier to maintain compared to conventional DC motors.

Unique features and a robust design increases motor reliability and extends the time between maintenance intervals. The power dense low-profile of the DMI DC motor also makes it easy to integrate into almost any existing application.

Whether you are looking to build new or retrofit an existing installation, our portfolio of state-of-the-art DC drives gives you design flexibility and the proven dependable performance expected from an ABB drive. You can use our DC drives in almost any industrial application, either as part of a new installation or as a cost-effective retrofit.

To boost the productivity of your processes, improve energy efficiency and cut maintenance costs, you can rely on our broad portfolio of low and medium voltage AC drives to deliver just that. The portfolio covers the complete spectrum of drives. From micro and machinery drives for machine building to industrial drives for controlling processing lines, all the way up to industry specific drives with purpose-designed features and functionality.

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Hydro, Wave and Tidal Generators. Motors and Generators for Explosive Atmospheres. Synchronous Condensers.

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Synchronous Motors. Traction Motors and Generators.

General performance motors

Document kind. Document language. Sort by. Documents found: MotSize Customer 6. ID: E7. PART: Patch. REV: EO. MotSize dimensioning tool for direct online DOL low voltage motors customer version. Install separate DriveSize dimensioning tool for variable speed dimensioning.

Water treatment plants brochure. ID: 3AXD REV: B. Water treatment plants. Providing clean and safe drinking water.Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. ABB motors are classified according to their physical differences and the purpose of use.

Motors are divided into:. IDS engineers are happy to advise on the best motor drive package for your application. ABB offer two types of low voltage induction motors, both available in cast iron and aluminium:.

General performance motors

Process performance motors are the most popular motor for demanding industrial uses and cover frame size or 0. General performance motors, whilst they have less optional features than the process performance motors, they are available off the shelf, with frame sizes of or 0.

Equipment for explosive areas is grouped by location: above or below ground. And by type of explosive atmosphere it is intended for, i. Motors for explosive atmospheres are available from frame size in flame proof design or from 0. For futher information or advice on selecting an ABB motor and inverter package call us on Invariably used with a frequency converter, frequency controlled motors include two types of synchronous motors: Synchronous reluctance motors SynRM and permanent magnet motors as well as roller table motors, high-speed motors and servomotors.

The high-output motors are suited to applications requiring high power to size ratio and extend from frame size or 1. These motors are provided with either self-cooling or separate cooling. Frame sizes in the low voltage area range from and a maximum of kW with a V voltage. The high-speed range covers standard motors in the rpm speed area. Custom motors have been made up to 60, rpm.

These motors provide extremely good power to size ratio through low moment of inertia and high pulse torque and are best suited to rough conditions where overloads may occur. The motors range from frame size or kW. If you are thinking about upgrading your DC motor, IDS are happy to specify an AC motor that will give you the same or better torque and speed performance as your current motor.Forum: ABB Forum. They are a pioneering technology leader in robotics and motion, power grids, industrial automation, and electrification products.

ABB is one of the largest engineering companies in the world today, with operations in over countries and they employ overpeople. ABB's history goes all the way back to the late 19th century, as an electric light and generator company. With a series of innovative acquisitions that started in the last decade of the 20th century and on into the 21st century, ABB has climbed into the global powerhouse they are today.

ABB offers an overall global range of motors and generators that are both reliable and high efficiency. The company offers the following:.

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They have clients all around the globe and supply many industries such as marine, industrial, offshore, and many specialized divisions. As with all of ABB's motors, these also fall within the company's global network where maintenance programs help to maintain their operability for their lifespans.

These motors are also serviced through the company, which provides quality products and energy solutions.

Electric Motors – ABB

Nothing says branding quite like a high voltage induction motor from ABB. The company has been manufacturing these motors for over years and because of that experience ABB stands second to none in the induction motor industry. These types of induction motors include rib-cooled motors, modular slip-ring motors and modular welded frame motors all with different cooling options.

High-voltage induction motors are available as N-series general purpose and A-series engineered motors. This type of motor provides a higher output performance over a wide speed range, which makes it easier to maintain as compared to conventional DC motors.

abb motors

The DMI DC motor features extended speed range capabilities, reduced commutator diameters which result in lower peripheral speeds, high quality bearings with long lubrication intervals and mechanical brush wear monitoring systems.

This type of motor is easy to integrate into almost any application. These motors all exceed NEMA energy-efficient levels because they are built with the greatest of reliability. There are motors available from stock or ABB can custom design for you. Applications range from general purpose to the harshest of environments. Search motors across all brands on one platform. Just type in the motor part or the motor specifications you are looking for and a list of motors matching your query will come up.

Alternatively, you can use drop down search to configure the exact motor you are looking for. We have created a community of experts with decades worth of combined experience to solve your most basic to complicated questions. Toggle navigation. PHASE 1 3. Motors With Grounding Rings. View Results. ABB Catalog. Metric Motor General Purpose We are the official value provider for ABB motors.

ABB high quality process motors are the only choice when being used in heavy duty applications. Designed to be used in a wide range of industrial applications, the ABB general performance motor is still a high quality motor.

ABB have a motor to suit your requirements. The range of hazardous area motors that we have available on quick deliveries cannot be matched in the UK. With this in mind they have a number of industry specific offerings that ensure the right motor can be found for special applications and environments.

They offer Wimes compliant motors off the shelf for the water and wastewater market, a stainless steel range of washdown motors for the food and beverage industry and a fully certified range of marine motors. File Upload:. This message is urgent.

What is four plus five? ABB Motors. ABB Value Provider. ABB Motors Certificate.

abb motors

Process Performance Motors. General Performance Motors. Hazardous Area Motors. Industry Specific Motors. Request a Quote.We have been operating on the Polish and global market for over 30 years. We are a representative and trading partner for many renowned manufacturers of parts, equipment and components for your industry. We have been cooperating with ABB for many years, we mainly sell ABB electric motors, but also other products of this brand.

IEC Low voltage motors

We operate in the global market, so we will also offer you the best quality and the lowest price for the product. Over the years of cooperation with our suppliers, we have managed to negotiate the lowest prices. Nevertheless, we are still trying to improve. In our offer you will find only original products and solutions from well-known manufacturers around the world. All products are of very high. You will receive professional technical advice from a wide range of automation, pneumatics and mechanics.

Our knowledge is based on a combination of. ABB pressure transmitter ABB pressure transmitters offer a very wide range of communication types and are distinguished by measuring accuracy up to 0.

A wide selection of models and configurations, each.

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This brand is equipped with the latest technologies which allows the development of its. ABB Positioners Pneumatic and electro-pneumatic positioners are used to regulate valves as well as other system components that may require control. Equipped with technologically advanced functions such as automatic tuning or.

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MNS switchgears are manufactured almost all over the world, taking into account local needs. Thanks to this, they become one of the best products in their class. Wide Opportunities Range. ABB inverters help customers to generate and use energy more efficiently.

They ensure reliable operation even in the most demanding conditions at low operating costs. Our range of frequency converters. ABB engines are created in the most modern world technology that allows you to achieve the best results in terms of energy saving, even in the most demanding conditions. Phone: Company:. Website: Subject:. Skip to content. ABB Motors Products thanks to which you will save, leaving quality at the highest level. Diversity Allows you to use ABB products in every type of industry.

abb motors

Go to our Company page. Our Strengths The advantages of our company. We sell all over the world. Go and order.

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Motors Effeciency The efficiency classes of electric motors. IE2 — motors efficiency high. IE4 -motors efficiency super premium.ABB's website uses cookies. By staying here you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

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Learn more. Search now. There was a problem with your request.

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Please fill in required fields. Sign up. With our expertise and comprehensive portfolio of low voltage motors we help you to improve reliability, energy efficiency and productivity of your processes. You also get life-cycle services that add value for your operations and optimize your cost of ownership. Our wide range of low voltage AC induction motors are suitable for all industries and applications and they fulfill all international and national efficiency regulations. ABB offers complete electric drivelines for heavy working machinery - for example in mining, construction and material handling - optimized for each machine's actual working cycle.

abb motors

Submit your inquiry and we will contact you. Learn more I agree. Navigate Search Login layouts-flyoutmenu-cart. Search Search now. Login to myABB There was a problem with your request. Rate this page General impression. Positive Negative. Your cart Learn more about shopping on ABB. IEC Low voltage motors. More news and customer cases. Our offering. Process performance motors Efficiency classes Up to IE5; from 0.

Motors for explosive atmospheres. Motors for industries and applications. Motors for heavy electric vehicles. Process performance Induction motors.

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